Come and enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt at Townsend Community Orchard

Friday 14th April—Good Friday 11am -1pm.


Townsend Community Orchard Haddenham

Interest group to keep the people of Haddenham and surrounding area up to date on the progress of the community orchard near Townsend Green.
Sylvia Benjamin
Sylvia Benjamin posted in Townsend Community Orchard Haddenham — with Brian Fattorini.2 weeks ago
Sylvia Benjamin
Sylvia Benjamin2 weeks ago
The naming of trees is a difficult matter; it isn't just one of your holiday games.....
John Baruch
John Baruch2 weeks ago
Sylvia Benjamin
Sylvia Benjamin2 weeks ago
Stake planting..... how to get them vertical ? Not easy with feline helper......
Sylvia Benjamin
Sylvia Benjamin3 weeks ago
Great to see the orchard bearing fruit.... who can name them ?


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